What to expect during your session

When you arrive you will check in and fill out and sign the client waiver form. Upon approval, our technician will explain the procedure and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


You will be shown to the cryosauna room where you will remove all clothing and jewelry from the neck down (except underwear). We will provide you with gloves, socks and slippers to wear during your session to protect your hands and feet. You will then enter the cryosauna and shut the door. Privacy is very important to us. We will only see your face as the rest of your body is in the cryosauna. 

The technician will promptly re-enter the room and elevate you until your head is above the rim of the chamber. The chamber is then filled with nitrogen gas and your skin is briefly exposed to subzero temperatures (as low as -256°F) for up to three minutes. Clents breathe room- air and an oxygen monitor is operating at all times. The door is never locked and you can request to step out at any time. 


As the cold receptors beneath the skin sense this sudden, extreme cold, your body activates powerful survival mechanisms that cause the blood vessels near the skin to quickly constrict (vasoconstriction) to send blood to the major organs to maintain your core body temperature.


During this process, your blood is highly oxygenated, filtered and filled with nutrients. When you step out of the cryosauna just three minutes later, the blood vessels quickly dilate (vasodilation) and blood rushes back to the skin. Blood circulation is naturally stimulated and oxygenated blood is delivered to damaged tissue.

You will leave your session feeling refreshed and energized!

Air cooled by liquid nitrogen safely and dramatically reduces the temperature of the air in the cryosauna.